Pigments Mapped to Munsell Color Wheel

Since I purchased a Munsell Big Book of Color, one of the things I wanted to do was maps the hues I use to the Munsell Color Wheel. Here’s an infographic I created to show the relationship of the colors to each other on the color wheel. The pigments are Rembrandt unless otherwise noted. One thing to remember is that the color from one manufacturer to another may vary slightly. Sometimes because pigment hues can vary; for example PY35 may vary from slightly YR to slightly GY. Sometimes it can be how manufacturers label the pigments; Cadmium Yellow Pale may be another manufacturers Cadmium Yellow Light. So your pigments may wind up in a slightly different spot on the color wheel than what is shown here.¬†Eventually I would like to map some additional pigments onto the wheel; for example Pthalo Blue and Pthalo Green.

Common Pigments mapped to Munsell Hues

The Munsell hues on the outer ring are as close to the highest chroma for each hue as I could get them given the constrains of printing them on an inkjet printer.

For a PDF version of the chart, here’s the link: Pigments-Mapped-to-Munsell-Color.pdf

Geometric Solid Value Study

This is my first timelapse of doing a painting. It gives me a chance to work out some of the process of recording editing and posting to YouTube.

It’s a value study of geometric forms. Each form is painted a middle grey against a black base, a dark grey wall and a light grey wall. I start out by applying a light coating of walnut alkyd oil. In this study I have already painted an underpainting and am now going over it on a second pass.


Here’s one of my last paintings of 2016. Since then I’ve adjusted my method of color mixing drastically.

Hello world!

Wanted to start out with a post of the clouds in Sedona.

I’ve started out the year with a new web site and some new goals. One of my goals is to be more consistent with posting to my new web site. I’ve got some exciting things planned for this year so we’ll see what happens. So here’s my challenge, to post at least once a week and share what I am currently working on with my art work. Another goal is to make a video post once a week. There’s other goals I’ve made so we’ll see how it goes.